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Today in things that make no sense

My apartment frequently looks like it is inhabited by a horde of Vikings. Well Vikings who happen to like both thrift store clothing and books rather a lot. Yet, somehow, having a bunch of icons on my desktop for a few hours while working on a project DRIVES ME INSANE. I cannot do ANYTHING right now- because I NEED TO DELETE OR MOVE THEM. I MUST SHOVE THEM IN A FOLDER AND PUT THAT FOLDER SOMEWHERE THAT IS NOT MY DESKTOP. I may be losing my damn mind. How do people live like this? How I ask? It is so distracting. MUST FINISH PROJECT AND EXTERMINATE. 


YESCollapse )

So, A Game of Thrones

I watched it and I plan on rambling about it (under the cut, where this sort of thing belongs).

...I really did love these books a lot when I was 11.Collapse )

Dear Tad Williams,

I understand that you're probably ending his sections like this for the sake of suspense, but I'm beginning to worry that you haven't been paying attention to the frequency of this type of ending. At the moment I am more concerned about Ferris Vansen's brain function than I am about the fairy army, I don't think this was your intent at all. Still, poor Vansen is passing out all the time! In just the last two books it's been: the voice of an evil demi-god, mind-melding, more mind-melding, falling down a well to hell, falling up a well from hell, poison, blunt force trauma and that is where I am in the current book. I am a little worried Mr. Williams! 


P.S. I enjoy the way Vansen gets shit done simply through sheer stubborn will. It is as though he is telling his enemies "I am a decent person and I will contiune to be decent in the face of everything until you are decent too." ... and it works.


Have you ever...

looked for live journal friends by searching through your interests and been like "oh, this person looks interesting" only to realize that that person was you, three years ago? Because I just did that...


was not a good day.

On the plus-  I made a really nice cup of tea earlier

On the minus- everything else.

Ah well. Off to go read four different editions of  A Journey to the Center of the Earth for my final translation project.