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That season finale totally made up for the crap-fest that was the middle chunk of this season. Merlin didn't get a choice!! Lance thinks Merlin is the true hero! Gwen and Lance have hearts in eyes for each other all over the place!! Percival! So cute! And And the stupid little Arthur / Merlin shoulder bumping at the end <3 <3 <3 SO MUCH LOVE FOR THOSE BOYS.


In other news, I am officially that person who gets inappropriately drunk at departmental events. *headdesk*


In related news, while drunkenly reading fanfiction I discovered that the problem with reading in two fandoms that both have a main character named Arthur is that sometimes you think you're reading a modern Merlin AU and for a few paragraphs everything is great and then Eames shows up. It's all very confusing, let me tell you.

Who knew...

researching graduate schools was this terrifying? 

Oh, everybody? Hunh.

I feel so inadequate. Why would anyone want me? GAH. ANGST ATTACK!

On the plus this fucking terrible semester of awful is almost over. I'm going to be so glad to start fresh with classes that I haven't managed to fuck up yet.

Dear Harry Potter,

Your emo is so emo that it hurts me through the screen. That being said... Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 was good. Except...NOT ENOUGH REMUS LUPIN X1000000. Ahem.

Sad to say I went dressed as myself and everyone thought I was Tonks, as suspected. That really just says all you need to know about my life.


(Also the actor who plays Jack looks like John Barrowman, if John Barrowman was hot. It is a truly baffling thing.)

But, back to JAAAACCCCK and his stupid fucking emo little face. When he walked through those doors with dignity, ready to die and gave his fucking speech about not being able to be who he is and not being able to become who he wants to be and his whole life being worthless I wanted to sob like a fucking baby. It has been so long since any show has made me this close to crying and this is the second time it's happened. Christ Jack, way to hit home with your angst.

I'm not just talking as a slasher here...

Kings would seriously be 100% better if it was 50% gayer. I need David / Jack to be a real thing in the world. The whole hate / love dynamic with bonus Silas hates gays and God and blah blah. It would be so good and painful and drama-tastic. This is why no one watched you Kings.. you just didn't go where the story should have gone....David and Jonathan were pretty much giant homos in the Bible anyway! (When I write this I am just going to cry big emo tears because no one wants to read it.)

In slightly less gay news I am super-excited for Harry Potter tomorrow. I'm doing the whole midnight blah blah blah as per usual though I've given up on dressing up because I pretty much look like Tonks every damn day anyway. Hopefully I won't get kicked out of the theater for being too loud this time (I am such an asshole. For Sirius. I cannot actually stay silent for the length of an entire movie.)

Stuff and also things! What, What !

I am such a lazy asshole. True facts.

Things that need doing = Lots.

Things done = Nothing.

Welcome to my life! 

Anyway, I’ve just started watching Kings despite the fact that is was canceled and is only a half-told story—and I am loving the shit out of it. It’s like Merlin, BSG and The Bible got stuck in a blender. And I love Merlin and BSG!! And there is nothing more embedded in my psyche than The Bible, let me tell you. Growing up Catholic does things to your brain, especially when you spent most of the time in Church reading the Good Book (lolz) out of boredom. (Seriously, don't even get me started on my giant metaphorical hard-on for Judas. It is epic. I've been obsessed with that guy since I was like.. seven) Furthermore, it has one of my favorite narratives- the one where fate or god or something picks two different people and one gets all the love and the other gets all the hate and then I am supposed to agree about it. Which, no. I don't agree. Ovbs. I love characters who always do the wrong thing no matter what they do, who are doomed and unloved. It makes me ache especially because he is standing next to a guy who has all of the cheatcodes. He is, in fact, being compared to him all the time and then I'm suppose to HATE HIM when he's a douche? Um, no. Sorry fate, but you're a dick. Luckily you give me MANPAIN OMG.

Annnd- I re-watched LotR with the roommate and OMG I feel like I am 12 again. What the shit? I am watching all kinds of old cast videos on youtube like these dudes were actually my real friends... which probably says a lot about my middle school years, but whatever. In conclusion, OH SAMWISE, OH FARAMIR, OH EOWYN !! I love you more than can be textually rendered. Even though two out of the three of you got shafted in the films.


Finally, I am totally bizarrely pumped for this Chaucer seminar I'm registered for next semester. I, and the 5 other people in this tiny baby class, are going to have so many awesome times. I know it.


 If I had to pick one love song to have been written for me it would be "Harbor" by Vienna Teng. That is how I'd like to be loved.

Sail your sea. Meet your storm. All I want is to be your harbor. The light in me will guide you home. All I want is to be your harbor.

Vid Recs: Ladies Who Rock

Dead Like Me:

: When the gas runs out, just wreck it - you insured the thing.

Being dead is tough gig.

Doctor Who:

Begin: I'm thinking about how I just want to open up and give and give and give.

Marta Jones in all her glory.


This is conceptually really cool. Also, Martha.


I love all of the parellells between Rose / Martha / Donna. They are extraordinary ordinary ladies of the highest order.

Unwritten: Live your life with arms wide open.

Martha Jones is just getting started.

Farscape / BSG:

Hurricane : Aryn Sun and Kara Thrace walk into a bar...

This is the crossover you never even knew you wanted. Badass pilots are badass.

Legend of the Seeker:

Like a Fever: She's bad, but not enough

Cara and Kahlan are having a really awesome and sexy love affair. Sorry, Richard.


I'm On Fire : Got a bad desire, oh, I'm on fire

Morgana is just... so fucking heartbreaking. She is just my favorite ever. I like Gwen, I think Merlin and Arthur are adorable, but fucked if Morgana isn't the one that I understand.

Live For You :
just wondering how good it would be to finally say goodbye to everything that's going wrong

I couldn't leave Gwen out. She isn't as gloriously fucked up as Morgana but- well just watch.

Star Trek:

Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor - Not Enough Ladies, Too Many Mans! 

So this doesn't fit the theme so much, it's about the absence of an adiquite amout of awesome ladies. (Though Uhura rocks my metaphorical socks.)


Floorplan- I want to show you a floorplan of my head and heart.

TOSH! I miss her and adore her and TOSH!

Veronica Mars:

Martina- Don't get raped. Knock on wood.

This vid is amazing. It tells a story not just about Veronica and her maybe-rape, but about the whole mindset of sexual assault victims. Also Veronica continues to be amazing even when her life is totally shit.


Window of OpportunityIf I said I knew exactly what I'm doing, I'd be lying.

This is so perfectly Jayne, her apathy, the strangeness of her life. Perfect. Also I am never ever ever moving back to the Falls! NEVER! Stop trying to tell me about my life Wonderfalls- you were clearly shot in Canada anyway!

Next up:  Either things of unbearable sadness; anger and rage, or totally fucking crack. Can't decide.

A Litte Bit of Joy

I felt like a cranky bastard when I woke up today and it's been cold and rainy (I know it's February in London and I should expect this, but it still made me sad). To counter this burst of EMO here are some happy things:

Strength in You - This is a Gilmore Girls vid. that is full of joy and happiness. It also made me want to call my mum.

Two for One- This is a Merlin fic that combines the legend with the TV show. It is absolutely perfect, in it's own silly way.

Kissed a Girl - One of my flatmates was playing this song. This vid helped to soothe my irritation. It's about Smallville, and Clark Kent being a closet case.

Must Be Dreaming - New Trek, meet TOS! 

   This works for me not only because I've read Good Omens, but also because I was raised Catholic.

I think my next set of recs is going to be about kick-ass women.

Daniel Jackson- Guiding Me

Guiding Me- This is absolutely the Daniel vid for me. That is all there is to say really. This is my Daniel Jackson.


Dear Internet,

Stop writing fiction about Daniel Jackson as a child that reminds me of me as a child. It's freaking me out.

Over and out,