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So, A Game of Thrones

I watched it and I plan on rambling about it (under the cut, where this sort of thing belongs).

And honestly I still love them rather a lot as of right now. What I thought was remarkable was how much the HBO series has managed (in this it's first episode) to be so exactly like the books for me. Robb seemed like a cardboard cutout, Cat irritated me, I was disturbed by everything happening within three feet of Dany, Jon had a stupid emo face that sucked me right into his head, Bran and Arya were both deeply endearing and clearly destined for great things and Joffrey seemed like an evil little shit. I mean A++ guys. You even managed to get Cerci right and that was probably a hard one. It  probably would have been easier to make her a lot less likable, but you didn't. You made her seem cold, but not illogical or completely petty.

Past the characters, I didn't like all the tits and rape. But ... fuck it, I didn't like that about the books either. I have a fastforward button and I honestly wasn't expecting epic fantasy on HBO to be feminist (or not racist b/c it is that too, but in pretty much all the same way that these books and the genre as a whole is) and I personally am willing to hit the fastforward button if it means seeing Jon Snow's stupid face on my computer- because his emo (and Matthew Good Band) got me through middle school and that makes me fond and forgiving. (Even though I'm pretty certain in that Jon is going to come to a bad end by the end of the book series---)